Take a look at our board members

The current board is the 10th JCV board (Xe Collegie der Raedt van Vijf), and includes both MSc and MBA students. Where the Xe board is the second board of the JCV with a female president, and where three out of the five board members are women. The board has well diverse study backgrounds and business experiences. The board members, and their respective roles, are as follows.

Isabella van de Graaff (President)
Isabella fullfills the role of president and is currently following the Master of Science in Management with specialisation on the financial track. Before Nyenrode she completed her bachelor in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship at Team Academy Amsterdam. Isabella is the second female president of the JCV and oversees all aspects of the JCV.
Andres Adelaar (Vice President)
Andres is the vice-president and is currently enroled in the full time MBA programme. Before this programma he worked at ING headquarters Amsterdam as Investment Operations Specialist, department Corporate actions. He obtained a BBA at Intercollege Rotterdam and after that specialized himselve in finance at Tias Utrecht with a Masters program. As Vice-chair Andres will safeguard the different workflows and atmosphere within the board.
Sandra Donkersloot (Secretary)
Sandra is our secretary, and is currently focusing on obtaining her Masters of Science in Management with specialisation in Global Business. Before the Masters, Sandra completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Communicatoin and Media at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. As the secretaty, Sandra is responsible for all internal and external communication between JCV members, Program Directors, the NCV (the studentassociation of Nyenrode in Breukelen), and the VCV (Nyenrode almuni association).
Fieke van Driel (Treasurer)
Fieke is in control of the financials, as she is the treasurer. Besides that, she is specialising her Masters in Management programme in financial management just as Isabella. Fieke completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Hotescholl the Hague. Fieke is responsible of all the financials of the JCV, documenting and accounting the income and expenses of events, while ensuring that the JCV’s finances are in order and presentable to the relevant stakeholders.
Tom Vorselen (Commissioner)
Tom performs the role of commissioner, and is besides that also enroled in the Master in Management programme with specialisation on global business. Prior to the Masters, he studies Sport and Management sciences in Eindhoven. As the commissioner, Tom leads and coordinates the committees. In this way he assists and advices the committees in relation to the organization of events, enables committees to succeed and makes sure all committees are actively following the JCV’s mission & vision.