Our Committees


The Bar committee strives to provide enjoyable networking opportunities with a focus on the JCV goal of social wellbeing. The committee is composed of Milou Fokkens (Chair), Davide Lenarduzzi (Treasurer), Ashwin Schouten, and Sorana Danescu. In collaboration with other members, the Treasurer will focus on the financial aspect of operating, whereas the Chair will oversee activities and communicate with the board.
The Branding and Communications committee is in charge of all the JCV’s socials, including Instagram, Facebook and this year a renewed LinkedIn page. The committee will be actively communicating the events hosted by the other JCV committees and will help build JCV as a brand. The Branding and Communication Committee consists of Claire Delfsma (Chair), Caroline Moorman (Treasurer), Megan Simpelaar, and Tim Sardjoe.
The business committee will focus on organizing formal, business related events. Via these events JCV members will get in touch with several interesting professionals in their potential working environment. It will give the JCV an opportunity to explore more about the work field and to expand their network. The committee consist of Stef Mos (Chair), Josien Bastiaansen (Treasurer), Maximiliaan Guillaume Walde, Shiwei Chen, Bob Hesselmann, Yolanda van de Vijver, Thijs Peters and Kezban Öcal.
The Cultural Committee oversees the enrichment of the cultural experiences of all JCV members, national and international alike. The Cultural Committee is comprised of Sorana Dănescu (Chair), Polina Deberdeeva (Treasurer), Brechje Weijmans, Leanne Wu and Kezban Öcal.
A new addition to the JCV in 2021 will be the investment fund committee; The Emperor. The idea is based on the NCV investment fund De Zilveren Rijder. This investment fund will provide an opportunity to learn more about investing, analysing stocks and trading in general. Therefore it is an educational addition to the JCV that will also aim to connect members that are interested in trading via different events. The board of the investment fund consist of Stef Mos (Chair), Ewout Oostwouder (Treasurer), Thijs Peters, Joske Timmermans, Laurens Verhagen Metman, Yolanda van de Vijver.
The Gala Committee is responsible for organising JCV’s annual gala. Aiming to organize an unforgettable evening for all members. The current committee consist of six members: Micky Cornelissen (Chair), Charon Delfsma (Treasurer), Lieke Vrenken, Max Walda, and Tim Sardjoe.
The Rally Committee is committed to organizing the annual Nyenrode JCV Rally and thereby supporting charity. Aiming to bring members together through the passion for cars, also giving them an opportunity to network with Alumni since VCV (…) members are also invited. The Rally Committee consists of Bastiaan Stultjens (Chair) Lars Dekker (Treasurer) Micky Cornelissen, Thijs Peters, Max de Smit, and Hugo Wolfert.
The sports committee will provide the JCV members with fun and educational sport activities. Hereby also focussing on the key value of Nyenrode: Leadership. Working together via sports activities will benefit the mutual bond between students. This committee consists of: Laurens Verhagen Metman (Chair), Ashwin Schouten (Treasurer), Bart van ‘t Zet, Ahmed Noureldeen, and Alex Oppendijk.
This year is the second lustrum for the JCV and therefore a special committee has been formed. This committee will take care of several amazing events to celebrate this milestone. The committee consists of: Claire Olivia Delfsma (Chair), Jasmijn Eijsbouts (Treasurer), Bart van ‘t Zet, Laurens Verhagen Metman, Leonard Renne, and Joske Timmermans.
The Sponsorship Committee leads the way for the JCV to contact external parties, potential sponsors for events, and creates new partnerships. The committee consists of: Laurens Verhagen Metman (Chair), Lars Dekker (Treasurer), Bob Hesselman, Charlotte Voncken, Guus van Wijk.