Our Committees


Mission: Making sure that all JCV members have a pleasant and unforgettable time at all the parties, while serving the best drinks.
Vision: Creating a good vibe among all the JCV members 

Mission: Communicating the JCV brand and creating awareness for all activities related to JCV, with a focus on transparancy and inspiring others.
Vision: Creating awareness among the JCV members about the JCV study association and its activities, while connecting them.

Mission: Creating awareness about the opportunities the most inspiring companies in different industries have to offer by being the ‘bridge’ to close the gap between students and their potential future employers in a fun and interactive way. Besides that, we want to make sure the world knows that JCV members are here to become the future leaders!
Vision: Aiming to create meaningful experiences for JCV members and new and existing business partners, while creating life-changing opportunities.

Mission: Organizing a fantastic and unforgettable ski trip in 2023 in order to bring all the cohorts in Amsterdam together!
Vision: Bringing students together in a sportive and coherent environment, while offering them a break from studying. 

Mission: Facilitating a student investment fund with educational purposes. These purposes including gathering knowledge about stock investing, the financial market and organizing in general. This process of gathering knowledge will take place in an interactive environment and will add value to the JCV community.
Vision:  Creating a fun environment where members of the JCV can learn about stock investing, the financial markets and organizing in general.

Mission: Organizing an amazing gala to bring all JCV members together for a beautiful night by doing something extra compared to previous galas.
Vision: Creating an unforgettable night to remember in the history of JCV.

Mission: Organizing a rally where JCV members are able to grow their network, create new friendships and experience the joy of riding cars.
Vision: Organizing a rally event which will bring our JCV members together and create an unforgettable day. 

Mission: Ensuring the transformation of the sports committee into a fully functioning committe with offering multiple sporting activities in which the JCV members can find joy asnd perhaps a new hobby.
Vision: Making sport accesible to everyone while introducing and convincing JCV members to try new sports.

Mission: Showing JCV members how to drive change and positively impact the world around you in terms of sustainability.
Vision: Shaping the leaders of tomorrow through education and inspiration regarding sustainability goals.